Burning on Entry



on Entry

The space shuttle was built with ceramic tiles designed to spread the heat of re-entry nose to tail across the entire body of the craft. Without such a design, the heat on the nose of the vehicle would have been so intense that the craft might have exploded. With the heat spread out, however, the danger was manageable. 

You likewise have the chance to model and teach your children how to survive even the hottest challenges. Sharing lows with those you love is like spreading the heat around. It’s still hot. It still hurts. It’s still potentially dangerous. But it’s all the more manageable when you are not trying to handle it alone.

Cutting the Lows in Fractions

Some say sharing a low cuts the low in half. I say it cuts it into fractions, depending on how many other people know the low, care about you, and are willing to help. If you let just one other person into your pain, you at least will have someone with whom you can complain. You cut it in half. But if there are three people in on the low, it might cut the pain in thirds. If there are 10, you may be able to dilute the pain by a factor of 10.

We get better together. We don’t get better alone. - RICK WARREN (after son's suicide)

So, Highs AND Lows tonight?