1986 "Restless" Tour

One of my fondest memories was our 1986 - "Restless" Tour. I wrote the two act musical and toured with a cast and crew of 120+ on two buses. We performed in the spring, then toured from the Midwest to the East Coast, with our best venue the Sylvan Theater under and the left of the Washington Monument (Thanks Marsh Drege!). Strips included Gettysburg (Electric Map, eh Arlyce), Niagara Falls, Camp Koinonia (I still have my hand-made cermaic cup from Leni Lenapi Village), and the Harvard emergency ward (for the Wolden). We performed at dozens of venues - including Harvard - and filled the three weeks with fun, excitement, and a final emergency ward when Wade Brua snuck out at night, stepped over a curb (which was an 8 foot wall) and broke both arms. 

"Restless" was the story of an angel sent to wake up a high school youth group. The play starred Monty Lysne, Mike Otto, Jennifer Sullivan, Jennifer Sullivan, Megumi Yamamoto, Jeff Buehler, Dan Knutsen, Howard Leder, Jill Schmidt and three sets of twins (Wolden, Lewis and Swensby) who would also return for critical acclaim in the 1988 play "The Best."