Light, Sound, Sight and Things That Go Bump in the Night


Another strange and wonderful thing happens the moment the hidden is revealed aloud. When the unspoken problem is finally brought to light, sound and sight—when the tip of the sliver or the source of the scare is finally exposed—the problem will often much less formidable than you originally thought.

The shadow on the wall may be no monster at all. The things that go bump in the night might be no more of a fright than a cat, a furnace or a tree branch tapping against the window.

It may be that the boogieman is hiding under your bed, but it may be that he’s hiding there because he, too, is afraid. The great and powerful Oz may be nothing more than a frightened little man behind a curtain in need of compassion, care and a balloon ride to Kansas. Or the sinister force may actually be Lord Voldemort, and at this very moment he quite possibly may be rallying his forces to kill you.

Either way, wouldn’t you want to know? Better still, wouldn’t you want the people who love you to know?

(from the Five Star FAITH5 training book Holding Your Family Together)