Attention Intention:  The Neurology of Sharing Highs


The act of active listening is an acknowledgement that the other person is there and a silent statement that he or she matters to you. The gift of one’s complete attention affirms the other person and confirms the value of the relationship.It validates both the giver and receiver and tells the receiver that he or she is worth being heard. Giving the gift of attention is a wonderful way of showing love—sharing love. It creates confidence (con+fidea means “with faith”) and trust between the sharer and the sharee. One might say it creates “share ease” between the sharees.

Neurologically, sharing a high triggers a cascade of positive and powerful neurochemical transmitters that bolster immune systems, regulate hormonal systems, improve one’s digestive tract, slows down the aging process, and triggers positive electro-chemical exchanges throughout the brain and the body

As you recall and relive your highs, a subconscious smile spreads across your face. Your heart may begin to race. Joy and laughter bubble up from inside as an electrical message flows from your brain at 100 yards per second. The memory message speeds down your neurons to the ends of each wire-like cell, where little bags of chemicals are waiting to be released. There, the electrical message changes to a chemical message and jumps across the space between the neurons (synapses) to bond to proteins on the other side. The electrical message changes to a chemical message, and then back into an electrical message. In an instant, all through your body flashes an electrical/chemical charge that shouts out to every cell, “I feel good!”

 What does all this mean? Free drugs! If you teach your children how to dispense the natural highs our Creator built right into their bodies, maybe they won’t need to grab the pills, the bottle, or the needle one day when they are feeling down.

(From the FIVE STAR FAITH5 book, Holding Your Family Together)