Ann and Alan Eustis were concerned when their first-grade daughter, Callie, could not sleep through the night and consistently crawled into bed with them. One of Callie’s classmates had been murdered by the mother’s estranged boyfriend, and at night Callie both feared for her safety and that of her parents. A year later, Callie was still crawling in bed with her parents when they started doing FAITH5. Within weeks of beginning the practice, Callie was back in her own bed, sleeping soundly through the night.

 “We thank God every day for FAITH5,” says Ann, a professor of education at Towson State, with a twinkle and a tear in her eye. “I really believe this was grace. Perfect timing. This was the model. Callie doesn’t go to sleep lacking now. She goes to sleep full, and that’s a real answer to prayer. Yes, there was developmental growth, but there really was a spiritual healing.”

Here's a video clip of Ann telling the story.