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July 22, 2011


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Wow~~~~~~~~We can provide travelers with real-time information about things to do and places to see as they drive in and around Maryland," said Jennifer Jones, manager of the Office of Tourism's Welcome Center program.

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What a fun pattern! It's great to hear from you and see what you've sent up to. All of the projects look great! You make it so simple to this.Thanks!

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I think so,too.

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We want to celebrate all that’s great about family tourism in our stunning land. That might include breathtaking adventures in the Lakes, laughing til your sides ache at a family-friendly Edinburgh festival, savouring the splendour of the West Wales coastline, a Devon cream tea or a knees up at a holiday park…or of course plenty more.

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Anyway, I don't know if you read often or just stop by every now and then or stumbled upon this space on this particular day because you were Googling random things about Veronica Mars but, oh boy, am I grateful you are here, no matter how often.

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I read a comment recently that said that liberals are obsessed with race. If my explanation of the phases of liberalism is correct, then it’s more accurate to state that liberals are obsessed with inequality, because that’s the raison d'être for egalitarian-liberalism which I think is the predominant form of liberalism today. Traditional liberalism has died out and most liberals only hew to the goals of traditional liberalism out of habit rather than because it’s something they are passionate about.

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Oh lord, is there nothing more anybody can do

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Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves.

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Having no wings,I can’t fly to you,dear;our hearts as one,my inner call you should hear.

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I'm Indigo, and I'm feeling like Pluto!


This brought to mind the International Baccalaureate(IB)approach.They promote six transdisciplinary themes:
•Who we are
•Where we are in place and time
•How we express ourselves
•How the world works
•How we organize ourselves
•Sharing the planet
Every child is encoraged as an enquirer.

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