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January 09, 2011


Louboutin Men

3. Online selling high heels transparent mat, two small circles, one fixed in the shoe inside. Walking painlessly, the feet will not fall out. ~ ~ Emergency situations how to respond?


CarlGeorge While spending the week stategizing with Carl George, I took the opportunity of a drive through the South Carolina/Tenesee ...

Rich Melheim

John, Knowing you, I imagine you can make 'em laugh, cry and cheer if you really want to.

Rich Melheim

Will do. Hey, we're overdue for a cup of coffee.

John Stiles

Thanks, Rich, for letting us in on your arctic adventure w/Carl George (I once lived in Fort Smith, AR, and experienced a 'southern blizzard" or two). I loved the line: "If your audience is not crying, laughing and cheering with us" we've lost them. Keep on keeping us close to our people as "full participants" in church life, worship, and learning!

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